6-string versions are based on a 1943 Hermann Hauser guitar.  7-string guitars are based on a slightly larger 1937 Hauser (ex-Segovia) design. They are full bodied guitars offering the professional player a responsive, reliable and elegant concert instrument

Simcoe Concert Models


My Recital classical acoustic guitars are developed from the “Bream” 1973 Jose Romanillos. The slightly smaller body combined with my version of the Romanillos 7-fan, open harmonic bar bracing produces an instrument of great flexibility and charm.

Simcoe Recital Models


My Parlor classical acoustic guitars are based on an 1864 Antonio Torres parlor size guitar.  The Parlor models are smaller in stature compared to the Concert and Recital models, but have an amazing sound quality that compares favorably with much larger instruments.

Simcoe Parlor Guitars

Luthier Alan Simcoe

hand crafted

Custom acoustic classical guitars and ukuleles by Seattle Luthier Alan Simcoe. Since 1993 Alan Simcoe has crafted handmade classical instruments built with the finest materials. Although his professional output includes many modern and historical designs, he specializes in nylon-stringed guitars in the Hauser/Torres tradition.  His formal schooling includes a B.Mus. degree in classical guitar performance.  An accomplished player, Alan applies his music sensibilities to the design, building and voicing of his instruments.

Simcoe Guitars