Private Guitar Lessons with Alan Simcoe

Basic Guitar
  • Beginning Age 7
  • Basic left and right hand technique
  • Rote “by ear” melody learning for ear training, and maximum¬†immediate playing enjoyment
  • Rhythm games and activities for developing good musical¬†“time” and dexterity
  • Basic music reading skills
  • Song accomplishment skills
Jazz Guitar
  • Progressive Left and right hand technique.
  • Music and rhythm chart reading skills.
  • Theory and forms
  • Improvisation skills
  • Ensemble Skills
Classical Guitar
  • Progressive right and left hand technique
  • Progressive music reading skills
  • Solo literature and style through the ages
  • Theory and forms
  • Ensemble skills
  • Good left and right hand technique
  • Solo Lute Literature of the Renaissance
  • Tablature and music reading skills
  • Theory and forms